NZ finance companies optimistic in face of global financial crisis

New Zealand finance and accounting companies are less concerned about the effects of the current financial crisis than are their overseas counterparts.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half only a third of New Zealand finance and accounting professionals are concerned about their jobs compared to over 60% in the UK.

This is being cited as a considerable drawcard for people who have been working abroad, and New Zealand employers are feeling the effects with severe skill shortages in the sector being alleviated by returning expats.

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The Price of a Beer in New Zealand!

If you have a tendancy to dream of moving to New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud, where the scenery can stop your breath, the people have a tendancy to almost kill you with kindness and the weather can cover four seasons in one day, there are some basic questions around cost of living which no doubt you are asking.

So here, courtesy of Lonely Planet’s latest NZ edition, are some every day costings…..

Glass of local tap beer: New Zealand Dollar 3.80
Litre of petrol: New Zealand Dollar 1.60
Small bottle of water: New Zealand Dollar 2.50
Small bottle of beer: New Zealand Dollar 3.50
Souvenir T-shirt: New Zealand Dollar 20.00
Meat pie: New Zealand Dollar 3.00
Cup of coffee: New Zealand Dollar 3.50
Movie ticket: New Zealand Dollar 15.00
Motel/hotel double: New Zealand Dollar 100.00

($1 NZ = 36 pence, 85 AUS cents and 5.7 ZAR)

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Property Prices Stabilize

There was no change in the average New Zealand house price from June to July this year, stabilizing at $340,000.  The number of house sales however was the lowest for 10 years, a massive 40% lower than the same period last year.

REINZ President Mr Murray Cleland clarified, saying, “There is an unmistakable degree of recovery in July, which is surprising given that it is generally regarded as the worst winter month, with good improvement in median prices around the country despite continued low sales volumes.

“However, Auckland was the notable exception, with a further fall in the median price from $435,000 in June to $421,000 on dismal sales of 1,411 properties.”

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Latest Lonely Planet Edition Has Fun in NZ

The latest edition of Lonely Planet’s Guide to New Zealand has taken another good look at the country’s quirkier and quaint highlights – poking fun at some of the nation’s iconic features and acknowledging its larger centres as cultural hubs.

The guide, which sells 6,000,000 copies of its 500 titles annually is a staple for many new arrivals to New Zealand, some dubbing it the ‘bible’.

In this latest edition, travellers are encouraged to “rock into Wellington” to experience its “red-hot arts scene” and Dunedin‘s live music, cafe and restaurant scenes is given a significant plug.  Visitors to Auckland are advised, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and Christchurch‘s conservative image is said to be gaining a “cosmopolitan tinge”. 

The contributors were less kind about Cromwell’s ‘big fruit’, affectionately observing that there is a “spectacularly ugly giant fruit salad” at the entrance to the town.

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NZ Houses Becoming More Affordable

Its looking good for Kiwi home buyers at last.  According to mortgage broker John Grant, director of New Zealand business at Wizard Home Loans, housing affordability in NZ is better than it has been for the past 18 months.

Mr Grant explained, saying ‘Home buyers are in a much stronger position than they have been for a long time. It is a buyer’s market and falling interest rates, rising wages and lower tax rates are all working in favour of home buyers as we head back into summer’.

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OECD Survey Puts NZ First

A recent OECD study has concluded that New Zealand is better at matching immigrants to jobs than any of the other 17 nations involved in the survey.

The report, entitled, Profile of Immigrant Populations in the 21st Century: Data from the OED 2008,seems to support findings from another New Zealand survey which reported that only 9% of immigrants there are doing jobs for which they are over qualified.

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New Law Cuts Out Immigration Sharks – NZ

A new law passed in New Zealand should put an end to shady immigration advisers taking advantage of unwitting hopeful migrants.  The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act means that from 2009 all NZ based immigration advisers will have to be licensed, and all off-shore ones from 2011.  In the past dodgy consultants have sometimes been responsible for really messing up people’s applications, charging them ridiculous fees and even damaging careers.

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