Wellington’s Intriguing Block of Cheese

An extra-ordinary white/grey lump, which is the size of a 44 gallon drum and closely resembles a large block of brie, has been found on a south Wellington beach at Breaker Bay. 

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean estimates that the strange lump weighs in the region of 500kgs and as yet the council are unclear about what it actually is.  However, in an article in the Dominion Post today, it has been suggested that the bizarre sight may in fact be ‘ambergris’, otherwise known as whale vomit.

Whales produce ambergris as a reaction to irratations from squid and it is traditionally used in the manufacture of perfume, but is highly sought after and extremely expensive due to its rarity.  Some members of the public, who have been calling into the council, have estimated that if it were ambergris it could be worth up to $500,000.

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Latest Lonely Planet Edition Has Fun in NZ

The latest edition of Lonely Planet’s Guide to New Zealand has taken another good look at the country’s quirkier and quaint highlights – poking fun at some of the nation’s iconic features and acknowledging its larger centres as cultural hubs.

The guide, which sells 6,000,000 copies of its 500 titles annually is a staple for many new arrivals to New Zealand, some dubbing it the ‘bible’.

In this latest edition, travellers are encouraged to “rock into Wellington” to experience its “red-hot arts scene” and Dunedin‘s live music, cafe and restaurant scenes is given a significant plug.  Visitors to Auckland are advised, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and Christchurch‘s conservative image is said to be gaining a “cosmopolitan tinge”. 

The contributors were less kind about Cromwell’s ‘big fruit’, affectionately observing that there is a “spectacularly ugly giant fruit salad” at the entrance to the town.

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