Skilled migrant category EOI selection

The Skilled Migrant Category offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to live and work permanently. If you qualify for enough points under the Skilled Migrant Category, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The latest selection took place on 14 January and a total of 778 EOIs were selected. 653 of these had a points total of 140 or more. Just over 30 percent of the EOIs selected were from the UK or South Africa. View the full results here.

July changes to the SMC mean that you can gain extra credit for work experience and New Zealand qualifications.

For information on how to get a New Zealand visa, plus loads of ideas on where to live and how to make your emigration plans run smoothly, take a look at


New fees for New Zealand immigration applications

As of 12 January 2009 fees for New Zealand visa applications lodged outside of New Zealand have changed.

Immigration New Zealand has changed the fees to reflect the shift in currency exchange rates.

View the new fees here. For information on how to get a New Zealand visa, plus loads of ideas on where to live and how to make your emigration plans run smoothly, take a look at

More Accolades for NZ in Top Country Listing

New Zealand has found itself at the top of a variety of categories in a recent survey conducted to find the most popular country in the world.

Futurebrand’s Country Brand Index (CBI) 2008 interviewed 2700 people from around the globe to determine the top country in around 30 different categories and New Zealand topped the ‘natural beauty’, ‘authenticity’, ‘desire to visit/visit again’ and ‘friendly locals’ categories.

Rina Plapler, from CBI, said, “New Zealand appears dedicated to maintaining its true and unique essence – highlighting nature, culture and its people… High mountain country, remote beaches, endless green bushlands, lakes of rare beauty and sparkling clear rivers – New Zealand’s scenery is diverse and breathtaking.”

New Zealand also took second place as the country most people would like to live in if they were to emigrate from their homeland. Australia came in at the top.

It seems it’s all happening Down Under. Got you thinking? Visit to access masses of information on how to make the move, find a job and settle in. It’s all there. Now’s good!

New Look Passport for Kiwi Citizens

New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker has announced the introduction of a newly designed Kiwi passport.  The distinctive new look passport includes up to date security features, in line with passports from other countries, and yet its design is recognisably New Zealand, complete with silver fern.

“I’m pleased to see we have a passport that’s strikingly New Zealand, is unmistakable, and if ever left in a pool of all the other passports in the world, you would pick it instantly,” Mr Barker said.

The new passport will be standard issue by next June.  First things first though.  Check out www.workingin-newzealand.comto see how you can apply to live and work in New Zealand under the skilled migrant scheme.  It might be easier than you imagine!

Immigrant Doctor Uses Music to Help Other Migrants Settle

An immigrant doctor, Ronald Ma, has been commended by his local council for using his band, Smooth Stream, to help “migrants and refugees to smoothly stream into New Zealand mainstream society through music”.  Dr Ma recognises the common language of music and the sharing of information and contacts that goes on when people come together for a common cause.

New Zealand has many services available to new migrants to the country, to help them settle in.  Visiting the government immigration website will show you what is available in your local community.

You could migrate to New Zealand.  The country needs skilled migrants to fill labour shortages in all sorts of areas, check out www.workingin-newzealand for details.

New Zealand’s Business Leader Crisis

Management consultancy firm, the Swann Group, who recently undertook a report entitled “The future, our leaders: An emerging chasm in the New Zealander leadership market”, has revealed that the country is facing a demographic hole in its numbers of business leaders aged between 35 and 50.  They estimate that New Zealand will need around 40,000 people with strong leadership qualities to take over the most important business roles and that recruitment from overseas is going to become increasingly important.  However they warn that migrant recruitment may not be enough to solve the problem.

New Zealand increasingly needs skilled migrants to fill important business roles.  Check out our ‘immediate skill shortage list’ to see whether you might gain additional points when applying for a Skilled Migrant Visa for New Zealand.