New National Government Plans Visa Changes

The newly elected National Party has announced planned changes to the New Zealand migration system. Following on from their election promises to encourage Kiwis working overseas to return home and foreign skilled migrants to move to NZ, Dr Lockwood-Smith, the party’s immigration spokesman, has announced three new visa categories.

The three new categories include a Silver Fern visa, which will be introduced to allow would-be migrants the opportunity to travel to NZ to find employment. They will be allowed to work in temporary jobs whilst they hunt for something permanent and once they have found long term work they will be able to transfer the visa into a two year working visa.

National is also proposing a new 6 month, temporary work visa for anyone who obtains seasonal work and a Retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest.

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Report Finds NZ’s Public Sector ‘Among the Most Trusted in the World’

A recent report into the NZ immigration department by the NZ State Services Commission, after an integrity issue with the Department’s Head, has concluded that NZ’s public sector is doing well. 

State Services Minister David Parker made the comment that the public sector is well respected and “among the most trusted in the world” and went on to say that David Shanks, responsible for the report, had also made mention in it ‘that he was impressed by the many Immigration officers he dealt with who were capable people of high integrity.”

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Opportunities NZ Expo Coming Up In UK!

If you are in the UK, looking for a way to find out about life in New Zealand and to investigate available work opportunities there without the inconvenience of travelling to the other end of the planet, fear not!  The Opportunities NZ Expo is bringing it all to you!

In Leeds over the 11th and 12th of October and in London over the 18th and 19th of October, the Opportunities NZ Expo brings together many of premier employers and recruitment consultants.   These companies will be offering jobs to suitable skilled people right there at the expo!

The event will also be attended by relocation companies, banks and real estate companies.  Every base covered for you to fully explore the possibilities of your emigration to New Zealand.  There will even be representatives of the New Zealand government present to answer all you immigration questions.

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NZ Celebrates 60 Years of Citizenship

On the 6th September 1948 the New Zealand Parliament passed the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act 1948, a landmark day for kiwis and future migrants to this beautiful country.  Before that date anyone born in New Zealand could only bear British nationality.

Commenting on the anniversary, Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker said, “The passing of that legislation was a momentous day for New Zealand because it gave New Zealand citizenship to all current residents who had been either born or naturalised as British subjects from 1 January 1949, when the Act came into force. It also meant that all children born in New Zealand from that date were automatically New Zealand citizens.”

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Visa Application Failure Rate Much Higher Without Specialist Assistance

Industry feedback has recently reported that as many as 30% of all applications for New Zealand visas, which are lodged directly by the applicant on-line or with immigration services without the help of specialist migration services, fail.  A further 20% of applicants who attempt the process without help, give up through frustration and confusion facing a system that they know nothing about.  The feedback also showed that 98.5% of applications which are compiled and checked by registered agents are successful.

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NZ Election Promises Include Immigration Reforms with National

The National Party of New Zealand has included the promise of an immigration shake-up in its election sales pitch.  Lockwood Smith, the party’s Immigration spokesperson, has told Radio New Zealand that, as well as encouraging ex-pat Kiwis to come home, with incentives such as lower taxes and simpler recognition of overseas qualifications, the National party aims to work hard to match skilled migrants to relevant employment and to introduce new types of work visas.

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More Happy News On Housing….

A bank survey in New Zealand has revealed the public’s growing optimism around the affordability of housing.  The ASB Bank has disclosed that its recent research shows the most extreme shift in opinion since they began conducting the survey in 1996.  Last quarter only 34% of people thought lower house prices were on their way, compared with 55% this quarter.  Their optimism was fuelled by mortgage rates being reduced in early May and June, and the Reserve Bank’s announcement of a likely series of drops in its official cash rate.

The survey showed that the general population’s expectation is that house prices are going to continue to drop for the next year or so.  Just enough time to lodge your application for a work visa!!  By the time you get yourself sorted and shipped out, the housing market may be at its most perfect!

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