Opportunities New Zealand Expo, Johannesburg, Hailed as a Great Success

The Opportunities New Zealand Expo, held in Johannesburg at the end of June this year, has been hailed as a huge success by its organisers, WorkingIn, and the companies who attended.  More than 6500 highly educated and skilled potential migrants attended the Expo in the hopes of securing jobs and advice on emigrating. 

Melissa Hamer, the events Human Resources adviser commented that “there were some very high-quality candidates who were very organised, well-researched and ready to come to New Zealand.”

South Africans are deemed perfect recruits to fill labour gaps in the New Zealand job market, with common language and cultural ideals.  New Zealand is seen as a land of opportunity by many South Africans looking to move away from political instability and rising crime rates.

Its a marriage made in heaven!  If you have dreamt of starting a new life in New Zealand, take a look at www.workingin-newzealand.com for jobs, relocation advice and visa information.


Kiwi Firms Aim to Attract Staff at Opportunities Expo in Johannesburg

The Opportunities New Zealand Expo is gearing up in South Africa for this weekend and is expected to be a huge success.  The Expo, being held in Johannesburg on the 19th and 20th July, is a chance for potential migrants to meet some of New Zealand’s top employers and recruitment agencies who are keen to employ skilled, experienced staff.

Among others attending is the company Navman, which is looking to recruit around 10 new staff members for its 100-strong in-car navigation business unit in Auckland.  They are looking specifically for designers and engineers.

The health sector will also be strongly represented, offering jobs to nurses, doctors, physios, dentists, speech therapists and more.

WorkingIn, the organisers of the event, are expecting over 6000 visitors to the Opportunities New Zealand Expo in Johannesburg, its fifth Expo globally this year, and expects hundreds of jobs to be offered to hopeful migrants over the weekend and the following weeks.

If you have an interest in migrating to New Zealand, the Opportunities New Zealand Expo could be your ticket there.  Doors of opportunity are going to open in Johannesburg this weekend.  So grab your CV and head on down!