New fees for New Zealand immigration applications

As of 12 January 2009 fees for New Zealand visa applications lodged outside of New Zealand have changed.

Immigration New Zealand has changed the fees to reflect the shift in currency exchange rates.

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NZ finance companies optimistic in face of global financial crisis

New Zealand finance and accounting companies are less concerned about the effects of the current financial crisis than are their overseas counterparts.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half only a third of New Zealand finance and accounting professionals are concerned about their jobs compared to over 60% in the UK.

This is being cited as a considerable drawcard for people who have been working abroad, and New Zealand employers are feeling the effects with severe skill shortages in the sector being alleviated by returning expats.

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Skilled migrant category EOI selection

The Skilled Migrant Category offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to live and work permanently. If you qualify for enough points under the Skilled Migrant Category, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The latest selection took place on 17 December and a total of 739 EOIs were selected. 438 of these had a points total of 140 or more. View the full results here.

July changes to the SMC mean that you can gain extra credit for work experience and New Zealand qualifications.

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Immigrants four times more valuable to the NZ economy than Kiwi born

During an immigration conference in Wellington, researchers and academics have warned that New Zealand’s economy depends upon sustained immigrationfor it’s growth.  Rob Hodgson from the Department of Labour told the conference that during 2006 immigrants contributed $8.1 billion to the economy whilst costing the country only $4.8 billion in services and benefits.  “The net impact for having an immigrant here is $3.29 billion, or $3547 per capita, while the net per capita contribution of a New Zealand-born is just $915,” he said.

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Migrants do not push house prices up, report finds

New research has revealed that immigration has little impact on rising local house prices in New Zealand.  The report ‘Housing Markets and Migration – Evidence from New Zealand’ shows that although there is a small link between increasing house prices and population growth, the driving force is not new immigrants.

The research, which was centred around Auckland‘s housing market, predicted that there was little likelihood of housing demand exceeding supply but that the kinds of housing in demand was likely to change to accommodate the new trend towards apartment living.

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