Sun shines on NZ during the festive season

How does the thought of celebrating Christmas in your shorts and a t-shirt sound? Although the weather in New Zealand at Christmas time may not be that conducive to a traditional roast turkey meal, a Kiwi Christmas in the sunshine can be a lot of fun.

Kiwi Christmas celebrations are often more low-key than overseas celebrations and the food can be different too. While some Kiwis get stuck into a large lunch, other families will opt for a barbecue and salads, or even a picnic at the beach. Read more about NZ´s festive season.

With most businesses closing down for a week or so over the Christmas period, most Kiwis use some of their annual leave to get out and enjoy the many activities that are on offer over summer.

Water sports are hugely popular in New Zealand, due to the proximity to beaches, lakes and coastal areas. Summer´s also the season for outdoor food and wine events.

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Could There Be Hope? NZ House Prices Begin To Turn

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) has reported that October has been a surprisingly good month for the NZ housing market with the average house price rising to $335,000, up $5000 on Septembers figures.

REINZ vice-president, Peter McDonald commented that these figures were in stark contrast to financial experts’ predictions from a year ago, which expected property prices to drop by a massive 30%. As it stands the number of house sales is still incredibly low, 30% lower than last year but the price is beginning to shift.

“Going forward, the news is even better. Up-to-date reports post election show the level of activity has increased with more enquiries showing the market may be picking up. Uncertainty caused by the election has stabilised and with interest rates and fuel prices going down, people’s confidence in real estate is returning,” he said.

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Ah, Summer In New Zealand!

Yesterday, Kiwis could be forgiven for getting a little over-excited about the weather. Summer, it seemed, had arrived. (Sitting in Wellington today, it is obvious that the nation’s enthusiasm may have been a little premature, but yesterday sure was a good appertiser!).

And what better way to enjoy yesterday’s sun than at the annual Toast Martinborough Festival. Held every November in the Wairarapa region of the North Island, the Toast Festival brings together that perfect blend of wine, food and music.

Spread around many of the region’s internationally recognised wineries, with free bus transport between, the festival showcases the Martinborough region’s fine fare. The wineries combine their homegrown talents with offerings from gastronomic partners, to create mouth watering taste sensations, all set to a background of live music. Around 10,000 people attend.

And Toast is just the start of the Summer fun. Wine and food festivals are happening up and down New Zealand, from Marlborough to Hawkes Bay, from Devonport to Oamaru.

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More Accolades for NZ in Top Country Listing

New Zealand has found itself at the top of a variety of categories in a recent survey conducted to find the most popular country in the world.

Futurebrand’s Country Brand Index (CBI) 2008 interviewed 2700 people from around the globe to determine the top country in around 30 different categories and New Zealand topped the ‘natural beauty’, ‘authenticity’, ‘desire to visit/visit again’ and ‘friendly locals’ categories.

Rina Plapler, from CBI, said, “New Zealand appears dedicated to maintaining its true and unique essence – highlighting nature, culture and its people… High mountain country, remote beaches, endless green bushlands, lakes of rare beauty and sparkling clear rivers – New Zealand’s scenery is diverse and breathtaking.”

New Zealand also took second place as the country most people would like to live in if they were to emigrate from their homeland. Australia came in at the top.

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New National Government Plans Visa Changes

The newly elected National Party has announced planned changes to the New Zealand migration system. Following on from their election promises to encourage Kiwis working overseas to return home and foreign skilled migrants to move to NZ, Dr Lockwood-Smith, the party’s immigration spokesman, has announced three new visa categories.

The three new categories include a Silver Fern visa, which will be introduced to allow would-be migrants the opportunity to travel to NZ to find employment. They will be allowed to work in temporary jobs whilst they hunt for something permanent and once they have found long term work they will be able to transfer the visa into a two year working visa.

National is also proposing a new 6 month, temporary work visa for anyone who obtains seasonal work and a Retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest.

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It’s Not Just The Clean Green Lifestyle That Is Attracting Men To NZ

It seems there is more to New Zealand than its fresh air and can-do attitude, its wide open spaces and its excitingopportunities, that is attracting men from overseas to live here permanently.  Tourism New Zealand, apparently trying a new marketing angle, has begun promoting The Land of the Long White Cloud as the land of the lonely lady.

Women, between the ages of 20 and 45, outnumber men in NZ by 35,000! Tourism NZ has seized upon this ‘man-drought’ as a way of encouraging skilled British men to get over here and get lucky!

A Tourism New Zealand spokeswoman said, “The population numbers speak for themselves, and it is a genuine problem.  The campaign is a bit tongue-in-cheek but people are really worried about the issue. If I was a guy, I might think about heading over there if I was single and looking for a girl.”

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Migration Marathon!

If you ever consider your migration dreams too much like hard work, you may want to take a little inspiration from a tiny 1.5kg bird, the bar-tailed godwit.

Scientists have recently tracked the determined little godwit as it set a world record for the longest flight ever recorded.  Its endurance will make your 24 hours on a long haul flight seem like a walk in a park!  7242 miles, over 8 days, with no break, no food, no hot towel and no in-flight entertainment.  8 days and half its body weight, all to fulfill its dream of migrating to New Zealand.

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