What’s the cost of living in NZ like?

If moving to New Zealand is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then you may be wondering exactly how far your money will go once you get here.

It can be a little tricky to work out the price comparisons between say the UK or South Africa and New Zealand when you take into account varying salary levels and fluctuating currency conversions.

Salaries in New Zealand vary depending on industry, but may be anywhere from the same level as you’re used to to around a third less. Although New Zealand isn’t particularly well known for high salaries some people in high demand professions may find that they are better paid in New Zealand.

NZ property prices vary a great deal depending on whether you’re looking at living in a city or a rural community, plus there’s a price differential between the North and South Islands.

Property in New Zealand’s North Island tends to be more expensive and you could expect to pay a minimum of $400k for a three-bedroom house. The same amount would probably get you a four-bedroom house in the South Island.

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Love your plasma-screen TV? Move to New Zealand!

Fear not couch potatoes: flatscreen plasma televisions are not outlawed in New Zealand as they may be shortly in the UK.

TV aficionados across Britain will no doubt be disappointed by news that plasma-screen TVs, dubbed “the 4x4s of the living room”, may soon be banned in the interests of combating climate change.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Brits can soon expect Europe-wide minimum energy performance standards for TVs to come into effect.

However, New Zealand’s energy minister Gerry Brownlee believes that Kiwi consumers should be provided information on the relative energy efficiency of appliances and then be allowed to make the decision for themselves.

Of course with so much to see and do in New Zealand you may not actually have time to sit down and watch TV.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and is recognised around the world for its clean, green image. The issue of climate change is taken seriously in New Zealand both by Kiwis and the NZ government, which has policies and programmes in place to encourage change. For more information visit www.climatechange.govt.nz.

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Record season for New Zealand’s ski fields

New Zealand’s ski fields have had their best season ever, according to Ski Areas Association spokesman Miles Davidson, with skiers enjoying fantastic conditions through until October in the south and November in the north.

If you’re a keen skier or have always wanted to give it a go, then living in New Zealand could be your ticket to a lifestyle that combines good work prospects with the great outdoors.

Many cities and towns are within easy driving distance of the slopes – plus where else in the world can you ski in the morning and then swim or water-ski in the afternoon?

Where to live in New Zealand

The Price of a Beer in New Zealand!

If you have a tendancy to dream of moving to New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud, where the scenery can stop your breath, the people have a tendancy to almost kill you with kindness and the weather can cover four seasons in one day, there are some basic questions around cost of living which no doubt you are asking.

So here, courtesy of Lonely Planet’s latest NZ edition, are some every day costings…..

Glass of local tap beer: New Zealand Dollar 3.80
Litre of petrol: New Zealand Dollar 1.60
Small bottle of water: New Zealand Dollar 2.50
Small bottle of beer: New Zealand Dollar 3.50
Souvenir T-shirt: New Zealand Dollar 20.00
Meat pie: New Zealand Dollar 3.00
Cup of coffee: New Zealand Dollar 3.50
Movie ticket: New Zealand Dollar 15.00
Motel/hotel double: New Zealand Dollar 100.00

($1 NZ = 36 pence, 85 AUS cents and 5.7 ZAR)

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Could There Be Hope? NZ House Prices Begin To Turn

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) has reported that October has been a surprisingly good month for the NZ housing market with the average house price rising to $335,000, up $5000 on Septembers figures.

REINZ vice-president, Peter McDonald commented that these figures were in stark contrast to financial experts’ predictions from a year ago, which expected property prices to drop by a massive 30%. As it stands the number of house sales is still incredibly low, 30% lower than last year but the price is beginning to shift.

“Going forward, the news is even better. Up-to-date reports post election show the level of activity has increased with more enquiries showing the market may be picking up. Uncertainty caused by the election has stabilised and with interest rates and fuel prices going down, people’s confidence in real estate is returning,” he said.

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Ah, Summer In New Zealand!

Yesterday, Kiwis could be forgiven for getting a little over-excited about the weather. Summer, it seemed, had arrived. (Sitting in Wellington today, it is obvious that the nation’s enthusiasm may have been a little premature, but yesterday sure was a good appertiser!).

And what better way to enjoy yesterday’s sun than at the annual Toast Martinborough Festival. Held every November in the Wairarapa region of the North Island, the Toast Festival brings together that perfect blend of wine, food and music.

Spread around many of the region’s internationally recognised wineries, with free bus transport between, the festival showcases the Martinborough region’s fine fare. The wineries combine their homegrown talents with offerings from gastronomic partners, to create mouth watering taste sensations, all set to a background of live music. Around 10,000 people attend.

And Toast is just the start of the Summer fun. Wine and food festivals are happening up and down New Zealand, from Marlborough to Hawkes Bay, from Devonport to Oamaru.

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NZ – The Least Corrupt Country On Earth

Transparency International, a leading international, not for profit organisation, which works to combat corruption around the world has given New Zealand the accolade of ‘least corrupt country on Earth’.

Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which NZ tops this year, is a globally respected report and is revered as being the most accurate report of its type.

Just one more reason to make NZ your home!  As if you needed any more….

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