Net Migration Into NZ on the Up

According to recent figures released by Statistics New Zealand net migration into the country is gaining ground.  SNZ data published today showed a permanent or long-term (PLT) migration gain of 700 people last month, up from 200 in July, with PLT arrivals up by more than 800 which was partly offset by almost 400 more PLT departures.

You could be part of this influx.  New Zealand is currently undergoing an occupational skills shortage, like many other OECD countries, and is actively encouraging skilled migrants to enter the country to live and work.  Perhaps you have skills that are in demand in New Zealand?  Have you ever dreamt of starting a new life in a clean, green, jaw-droppingly beautiful country?  Go to to see what may be in store for you in NZ.


New Law Cuts Out Immigration Sharks – NZ

A new law passed in New Zealand should put an end to shady immigration advisers taking advantage of unwitting hopeful migrants.  The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act means that from 2009 all NZ based immigration advisers will have to be licensed, and all off-shore ones from 2011.  In the past dodgy consultants have sometimes been responsible for really messing up people’s applications, charging them ridiculous fees and even damaging careers.

If you are using an immigration consultant make sure you check their credentials, or click here for a link to respected advice.  Check out for more helpful tips on making a new life for yourself in New Zealand.

Immigrant Doctor Uses Music to Help Other Migrants Settle

An immigrant doctor, Ronald Ma, has been commended by his local council for using his band, Smooth Stream, to help “migrants and refugees to smoothly stream into New Zealand mainstream society through music”.  Dr Ma recognises the common language of music and the sharing of information and contacts that goes on when people come together for a common cause.

New Zealand has many services available to new migrants to the country, to help them settle in.  Visiting the government immigration website will show you what is available in your local community.

You could migrate to New Zealand.  The country needs skilled migrants to fill labour shortages in all sorts of areas, check out www.workingin-newzealand for details.

Skilled Workers Pay Packets On the Rise

New Zealand’s National Wage and Salary survey has revealed that pay rates for skilled workers is rising over twice as fast as for the semi-skilled or unskilled. The average wage increased by 4.5% in the year to August 2007.  However, the increase for unskilled workers was only 2.4%, whereas administrators and management pay packets increased by a massive 6.6%.

The survey reported that the biggest winners in the pay stakes this year were: skilled shop salespeople (up an average 9.9 per cent; managing directors with 50 to 199 staff (up 9.5 per cent); registered electricians (up 9.2 per cent); registered nurses (up 9.1 per cent); and diesel motor mechanics (up 8.4 per cent).

New Zealand needs skilled workers to fill labour gaps.  Check out the Immediate Skills Shortage list at to see whether you can applyfor a skilled migrant visa for New Zealand and reap the benefits that this incredible country has to offer you.