Finding a job at an expo

Your move to a better life in a new country could start at a job expo.

Getting a job offer is usually the easiest route to a new life in a new country. Job expos let you get the answers to your questions about immigration, and meet face-to-face with prospective employers, without having to travel halfway around the world.

Job expos are the ideal place to meet top employers and recruitment consultants who want to recruit skilled people. Going to a job expo also gives you the opportunity to speak to a range of companies who can help you make your move a stress-free one.

Tips for finding a job at an expo

  • Improve your chances of getting the job you want – go to an expo that focuses on a specific country
  • Do some research before you go on where you’d like to live in your new country – it will make your expo experience more worthwhile.
  • Start the visa application process – work out which visa you’re eligible for and get the ball rolling.
  • Maximise your time at the expo – some times of the day (and days of the week) are quieter than others – ideal if you want to avoid the queues.
  • Get your paperwork sorted – have hard copies of your CV on hand to pass out to prospective employers (and make sure your CV is well written and well presented), and consider attaching a photo of yourself to jog their memories later on.
  • Brush up your interview skills. Some employers interview at the expos so make sure your first impression is a good one by dressing appropriately – and remember that a smile and a firm handshake go a long way.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a change of lifestyle, then going to a job expo could be your chance to make your dream of moving countries a reality. Visit now for more information on upcoming Opportunities New Zealand Expos.


New fees for New Zealand immigration applications

As of 12 January 2009 fees for New Zealand visa applications lodged outside of New Zealand have changed.

Immigration New Zealand has changed the fees to reflect the shift in currency exchange rates.

View the new fees here. For information on how to get a New Zealand visa, plus loads of ideas on where to live and how to make your emigration plans run smoothly, take a look at

New National Government Plans Visa Changes

The newly elected National Party has announced planned changes to the New Zealand migration system. Following on from their election promises to encourage Kiwis working overseas to return home and foreign skilled migrants to move to NZ, Dr Lockwood-Smith, the party’s immigration spokesman, has announced three new visa categories.

The three new categories include a Silver Fern visa, which will be introduced to allow would-be migrants the opportunity to travel to NZ to find employment. They will be allowed to work in temporary jobs whilst they hunt for something permanent and once they have found long term work they will be able to transfer the visa into a two year working visa.

National is also proposing a new 6 month, temporary work visa for anyone who obtains seasonal work and a Retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest.

For information on how to obtain a visa to New Zealand and masses of ideas on where to live and how to make your emigration plans run smoothly, take a look at

Doors of Opportunity Fly Open at NZ Expos in UK

The Opportunities New Zealand Expos, which were held over the past two weekends in Leeds and London, are being declared a huge success by both the organisers, Working In, and the exhibitors who attended.  And, as the large number of hiring that went on at the events shows, a lot of would-be migrants got exactly what they had hoped for too.

“We’ve spoken to well over 100 people and collected in the region of 50 CVs,” said Janet Lane from MercyAscot, who attended the expos for the first time this year. “The HR department [is going to] contact six people with the intention to hire immediately and we have more to process. It’s a great opportunity to meet people.” 

Canterbury recruitment company, Canstaff,  who was attending the Expo for the fifth consecutive time, has now collated a database of 13,000 skilled British workers who are keen to emigrate and who the company can present to companies within NZ.

As Scott Mathieson, Working In’s CEO, explained, “New Zealand continues to be a destination of choice for British migrants. Even in the current economic climate, people are still looking overseas for the lifestyle opportunities that Britain doesn’t offer.”

Kicking yourself that you missed it?  Never mind.  There will be more next year!  And for now you can go to Working In’s website at to find masses of information about emigrating to NZ, including jobs and employer profiles.

Small Expo Highlights National Hunt for Social Workers

To celebrate NZ’s National Social Workers Day yesterday, a group of Southland social workers promoted their industry with a small expo at the Invercargill Library, but the event signals a much larger National issue.

Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers Southland president Rose Henderson, who was attending the expo, suggested that New Zealand would be have around 1000 unfilled social work vacancies by 2011 if there was no significant change. 

“It is apparent that we are facing a workforce crisis that requires careful management,” she said.

New Zealand, along with many developed nations, is suffering a labour shortfall in many industries, particularly the health sector.  If you have ever had dreams of emigrating to fresh, uncrowded New Zealand and you have skills in an occupation deemed to be in demand, why don’t you check out!

Wellington’s Intriguing Block of Cheese

An extra-ordinary white/grey lump, which is the size of a 44 gallon drum and closely resembles a large block of brie, has been found on a south Wellington beach at Breaker Bay. 

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean estimates that the strange lump weighs in the region of 500kgs and as yet the council are unclear about what it actually is.  However, in an article in the Dominion Post today, it has been suggested that the bizarre sight may in fact be ‘ambergris’, otherwise known as whale vomit.

Whales produce ambergris as a reaction to irratations from squid and it is traditionally used in the manufacture of perfume, but is highly sought after and extremely expensive due to its rarity.  Some members of the public, who have been calling into the council, have estimated that if it were ambergris it could be worth up to $500,000.

Things of great value often hit New Zealand’s shores, including skilled migrants just like you!  If you have ever dreamt of living in this fascinating country, take a look at today!

Wages In NZ Show Increase in First Half of 2008

A survey conducted on NZ job site, Trade Me Jobs, has revealed that there has been a significant increase in NZ pay over the first half of this year.  The research, carried out over 73,000 jobs listed on the site concluded that there has been a 3.7% increase in pay since the last quarter of 2007, raising the average pay from $55,583 to $57,664 per year.

Trade Me Jobs head, Jimmy McGee said: “Outside of IT, the top five paid professions are doctors ($106,823), construction project managers ($95,378), engineering managers ($92,843), in-house legal counsel ($90,440) and financial controllers ($89,081)”.

Like many other countries New Zealand is suffering from a skills shortage and is actively encouraging skilled migrants to come and work here.  Mr McGee said the most sought after positions through his site are accountants, travel consultants, construction site managers and accounts payable workers.

If you have skills and an interest to live and work in BEAUTIFUL New Zealand, go to to find out how!