Love your plasma-screen TV? Move to New Zealand!

Fear not couch potatoes: flatscreen plasma televisions are not outlawed in New Zealand as they may be shortly in the UK.

TV aficionados across Britain will no doubt be disappointed by news that plasma-screen TVs, dubbed “the 4x4s of the living room”, may soon be banned in the interests of combating climate change.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Brits can soon expect Europe-wide minimum energy performance standards for TVs to come into effect.

However, New Zealand’s energy minister Gerry Brownlee believes that Kiwi consumers should be provided information on the relative energy efficiency of appliances and then be allowed to make the decision for themselves.

Of course with so much to see and do in New Zealand you may not actually have time to sit down and watch TV.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and is recognised around the world for its clean, green image. The issue of climate change is taken seriously in New Zealand both by Kiwis and the NZ government, which has policies and programmes in place to encourage change. For more information visit

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NZ finance companies optimistic in face of global financial crisis

New Zealand finance and accounting companies are less concerned about the effects of the current financial crisis than are their overseas counterparts.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half only a third of New Zealand finance and accounting professionals are concerned about their jobs compared to over 60% in the UK.

This is being cited as a considerable drawcard for people who have been working abroad, and New Zealand employers are feeling the effects with severe skill shortages in the sector being alleviated by returning expats.

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Migration Marathon!

If you ever consider your migration dreams too much like hard work, you may want to take a little inspiration from a tiny 1.5kg bird, the bar-tailed godwit.

Scientists have recently tracked the determined little godwit as it set a world record for the longest flight ever recorded.  Its endurance will make your 24 hours on a long haul flight seem like a walk in a park!  7242 miles, over 8 days, with no break, no food, no hot towel and no in-flight entertainment.  8 days and half its body weight, all to fulfill its dream of migrating to New Zealand.

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NZ Tax Cuts

As of yesterday Kiwis are just a little better off, thanks to the implemetation of new tax cuts.

The cuts mean that Income Tax rates are now as follows:

Up to $14,000 = 12.5%

$14,001 to $40,000 = 19%

$40,001 to $70,000 = 33%

Over $70,001 = 39%

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NZ Houses Becoming More Affordable

Its looking good for Kiwi home buyers at last.  According to mortgage broker John Grant, director of New Zealand business at Wizard Home Loans, housing affordability in NZ is better than it has been for the past 18 months.

Mr Grant explained, saying ‘Home buyers are in a much stronger position than they have been for a long time. It is a buyer’s market and falling interest rates, rising wages and lower tax rates are all working in favour of home buyers as we head back into summer’.

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New Zealand’s Man Drought

It is estimated that there are approximately 10% less men than women at age 35 in New Zealand.  This is mainly due to the fact that men stay overseas longer than women before returning to settle in ‘Gods Own’.  This man drought is contributing to skills shortages that are pushing the New Zealand government, as well as businesses, to look overseas for recruitment, particularly as this 35+ age group are coming into the peak earning and tax-paying period of their lives. 

It also means that there are more women than men looking for life partners!  Which in turn means that if you are male, single, aged around 35, highly skilled and looking to migrate, New Zealand and her women will be VERY happy to see you!  Come on boys!! New life, new woman, new job, what more do you want?

Glut of houses for sale creates buyers market, NZ

53% less houses are selling per month than this time last year, says the Real Estate Institute of NZ.  Although the national median sale price was only minutely down on last year, the housing market has reached an impasse with vendors asking more than buyers are prepared to pay, causing a glut of houses that won’t sell.  This is expected to cause house prices to drop by around 8% over the next year as vendors are forced to ask less in order to get their homes sold.

ASB economist, Nick Tuffley has predicted that “a sizeable decline in residential property prices will be recorded over the coming year as sellers become more realistic about pricing in the face of rising property listings and long selling times.”

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