Love your plasma-screen TV? Move to New Zealand!

Fear not couch potatoes: flatscreen plasma televisions are not outlawed in New Zealand as they may be shortly in the UK.

TV aficionados across Britain will no doubt be disappointed by news that plasma-screen TVs, dubbed “the 4x4s of the living room”, may soon be banned in the interests of combating climate change.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Brits can soon expect Europe-wide minimum energy performance standards for TVs to come into effect.

However, New Zealand’s energy minister Gerry Brownlee believes that Kiwi consumers should be provided information on the relative energy efficiency of appliances and then be allowed to make the decision for themselves.

Of course with so much to see and do in New Zealand you may not actually have time to sit down and watch TV.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and is recognised around the world for its clean, green image. The issue of climate change is taken seriously in New Zealand both by Kiwis and the NZ government, which has policies and programmes in place to encourage change. For more information visit

Visit to access masses of information on how to make the move (with or without your plasma TV), find a job and settle in. It’s all there. Now’s good!