Sun shines on NZ during the festive season

How does the thought of celebrating Christmas in your shorts and a t-shirt sound? Although the weather in New Zealand at Christmas time may not be that conducive to a traditional roast turkey meal, a Kiwi Christmas in the sunshine can be a lot of fun.

Kiwi Christmas celebrations are often more low-key than overseas celebrations and the food can be different too. While some Kiwis get stuck into a large lunch, other families will opt for a barbecue and salads, or even a picnic at the beach. Read more about NZ´s festive season.

With most businesses closing down for a week or so over the Christmas period, most Kiwis use some of their annual leave to get out and enjoy the many activities that are on offer over summer.

Water sports are hugely popular in New Zealand, due to the proximity to beaches, lakes and coastal areas. Summer´s also the season for outdoor food and wine events.

With all this on offer, now’s a great time to consider a move to New Zealand. Visit to find masses of other reasons to want to move here!


Opportunities New Zealand Expo – THIS WEEKEND!

This is your last reminder that the Opportunities New Zealand Expo is being held in Leeds this weekend, showcasing masses of organisations involved in getting your dreams of emigrating to NZ off the ground.

Along with some premier Kiwi employers attending with vacancies to fill, there will be recruitment companies representing a wide range of industry sectors, including health, business and finance, accounting, engineering, trades, science and IT.

The Expo will also exhibit relocation specialists to give you advice on how best to pick up your life and move it smoothly to the other end of the planet.  The NZ Immigration Department will be there to answer your questions too.

OK.  So that’s the Opportunities New Zealand Expo ’08, on the 11th and 12th October, in Leeds!  Got it?  For details on how to get there, and to buy tickets, visit their website at

And if you can’t make that, don’t panic, there is another one in London the following weekend!

NZ Celebrates 60 Years of Citizenship

On the 6th September 1948 the New Zealand Parliament passed the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act 1948, a landmark day for kiwis and future migrants to this beautiful country.  Before that date anyone born in New Zealand could only bear British nationality.

Commenting on the anniversary, Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker said, “The passing of that legislation was a momentous day for New Zealand because it gave New Zealand citizenship to all current residents who had been either born or naturalised as British subjects from 1 January 1949, when the Act came into force. It also meant that all children born in New Zealand from that date were automatically New Zealand citizens.”

Why not start on your journey to New Zealand citizenship?  New Zealand is looking for skilled workers to ease its current labour shortage, so getting a visa to live and work here may be easier than you think. has all the info!!

Immigration Scam – the Hunt for the Missing Pilgrims

It is possible that 35 pilgrims, travelling through New Zealand to attend World Peace Day in Australia have absconded as part of an immigration scam.  Billeted around New Zealand’s Catholic community, awaiting their onward flights to Sydney, the group who travelled from India appear to have made a run for it, even leaving their luggage behind.

An Indian taxi driver who drove some of the group to Tauranga, said the men had told him they had paid $17,000 dollars to someone in India who had promised them they could stay in New Zealand ‘forever’.

The Labour Department is collecting information to help them locate the men but is currently unable to take action, until the men’s visitor permits have expired.

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Rural Vets Desperately Needed in NZ

Animals are beginning to suffer due to the severe lack of vets working in rural New Zealand, a report by Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL), commissioned by the NZ Veterinary Association has revealed.  In the worst hit areas animals are undergoing surgery, such as castration, without anaesthetic and others are being shot if they can not get the treatment they require.

In some areas, such as the East Coast region, things are desperate, with only six rural vets servicing 400 farms.  If you have veterinary skills and experience and are interested in a new life, full of challenges and rewards, in beautiful, rural New Zealand, take a look at to get answers to all your immigration questions.

Bank Predicts House Price Fall

New Zealand’s Reserve Bank has predicted a dramatic fall in the average property price.  Prices peaked in November 2007 and have flattened out since but the bank suggested today it expected a 13% fall in average prices from $352,000 to $306,000 by 2010.

This news is potentially very good for potential migrants to New Zealand and overseas investors.  Coupled with the current skills shortage, it seems there has never been a better moment to migrate to NZ.  If you have skills that are in demand and have ever thought about migrating why not check out to see how easy it might be.

New Minimum Salary for Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy Applicants

This month has seen an amendment to the legal minimum salary for migrants entering New Zealand under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy.  Since July 2007 applicants were entitled to the minimum salary package of $50,000 per annum but as from 28th July 2008 that amount will be raised to $55,000 per annum.

New Zealand presently has large gaps in it’s skilled labour force.  To see whether your skills are in demand in New Zealand and to get an idea of what is like to migrate here, check out