The New Zealand Computer Society – a Professional Resource

Many skilled migrants come to New Zealand as recruits to the Information and Communication Technology industry (ICT).  For such professionals the New Zealand Computer Society can be an extremely useful resource and membership may prove invaluable.

Providing its members with professional recognition, networking and a code of ethics, the NZCS is a globally recognised standard bearer for Kiwi ICT professionals.

As its website proudly states, membership of the NZCS is “about striving for excellence, professionalism and professional development. It’s about being a professional – working by a Code of Ethics. It’s about continually developing oneself as a professional, and gaining the recognition that those who believe in professionalism deserve.  It’s about standing up for what being a true professional is actually about, and being recognised by both your peers and the greater community as a true professional, not just someone who “does IT”. ”

To fully explore how the NZCS could help your professional life in New Zealand take a look at their website at

Like many other country’s, New Zealand is in need of IT professionals to fill labour gaps.  It is possible that your skills could help you gain entry to this fabulous and innovative country.  Go to to find out more!