Finding a job at an expo

Your move to a better life in a new country could start at a job expo.

Getting a job offer is usually the easiest route to a new life in a new country. Job expos let you get the answers to your questions about immigration, and meet face-to-face with prospective employers, without having to travel halfway around the world.

Job expos are the ideal place to meet top employers and recruitment consultants who want to recruit skilled people. Going to a job expo also gives you the opportunity to speak to a range of companies who can help you make your move a stress-free one.

Tips for finding a job at an expo

  • Improve your chances of getting the job you want – go to an expo that focuses on a specific country
  • Do some research before you go on where you’d like to live in your new country – it will make your expo experience more worthwhile.
  • Start the visa application process – work out which visa you’re eligible for and get the ball rolling.
  • Maximise your time at the expo – some times of the day (and days of the week) are quieter than others – ideal if you want to avoid the queues.
  • Get your paperwork sorted – have hard copies of your CV on hand to pass out to prospective employers (and make sure your CV is well written and well presented), and consider attaching a photo of yourself to jog their memories later on.
  • Brush up your interview skills. Some employers interview at the expos so make sure your first impression is a good one by dressing appropriately – and remember that a smile and a firm handshake go a long way.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a change of lifestyle, then going to a job expo could be your chance to make your dream of moving countries a reality. Visit now for more information on upcoming Opportunities New Zealand Expos.


Doors of Opportunity Fly Open at NZ Expos in UK

The Opportunities New Zealand Expos, which were held over the past two weekends in Leeds and London, are being declared a huge success by both the organisers, Working In, and the exhibitors who attended.  And, as the large number of hiring that went on at the events shows, a lot of would-be migrants got exactly what they had hoped for too.

“We’ve spoken to well over 100 people and collected in the region of 50 CVs,” said Janet Lane from MercyAscot, who attended the expos for the first time this year. “The HR department [is going to] contact six people with the intention to hire immediately and we have more to process. It’s a great opportunity to meet people.” 

Canterbury recruitment company, Canstaff,  who was attending the Expo for the fifth consecutive time, has now collated a database of 13,000 skilled British workers who are keen to emigrate and who the company can present to companies within NZ.

As Scott Mathieson, Working In’s CEO, explained, “New Zealand continues to be a destination of choice for British migrants. Even in the current economic climate, people are still looking overseas for the lifestyle opportunities that Britain doesn’t offer.”

Kicking yourself that you missed it?  Never mind.  There will be more next year!  And for now you can go to Working In’s website at to find masses of information about emigrating to NZ, including jobs and employer profiles.

Opportunities New Zealand Expo – THIS WEEKEND!

This is your last reminder that the Opportunities New Zealand Expo is being held in Leeds this weekend, showcasing masses of organisations involved in getting your dreams of emigrating to NZ off the ground.

Along with some premier Kiwi employers attending with vacancies to fill, there will be recruitment companies representing a wide range of industry sectors, including health, business and finance, accounting, engineering, trades, science and IT.

The Expo will also exhibit relocation specialists to give you advice on how best to pick up your life and move it smoothly to the other end of the planet.  The NZ Immigration Department will be there to answer your questions too.

OK.  So that’s the Opportunities New Zealand Expo ’08, on the 11th and 12th October, in Leeds!  Got it?  For details on how to get there, and to buy tickets, visit their website at

And if you can’t make that, don’t panic, there is another one in London the following weekend!

Opportunities NZ Expo Coming Up In UK!

If you are in the UK, looking for a way to find out about life in New Zealand and to investigate available work opportunities there without the inconvenience of travelling to the other end of the planet, fear not!  The Opportunities NZ Expo is bringing it all to you!

In Leeds over the 11th and 12th of October and in London over the 18th and 19th of October, the Opportunities NZ Expo brings together many of premier employers and recruitment consultants.   These companies will be offering jobs to suitable skilled people right there at the expo!

The event will also be attended by relocation companies, banks and real estate companies.  Every base covered for you to fully explore the possibilities of your emigration to New Zealand.  There will even be representatives of the New Zealand government present to answer all you immigration questions.

OK, so you have two weeks to sort your CV and get your tickets to the Opportunities NZ Expo.  What are you waiting for?

More Migrants Choosing to Use Immigration Consultants

Latest research from ‘Destination New Zealand’ shows that more and more prospective migrants to New Zealand are opting to have their applications lodged through migration specialists.  The survey showed that 47.1 per cent of migrants used a consultant to help their application process in the past year.

The two most common complaints of the immigration process by potential migrants are the amount of time it takes for applications to be processed and the plethora of paperwork and bureaucracy involved.  Immigration consultants are the perfect solution to both issues, taking stress and time out of the equation and maximising the chances of a successful application, with as little fuss as possible.

For information and advice on how to emigrate to New Zealand, check out or, if you are based in the UK, why not plan to visit one of the Opportunities New Zealand Exposheld in Leeds and London in October?  The Expos are a great place to offer your CV to prospective employers in NZ or to talk to immigration and relocation specialists.  Easy!

Opportunities New Zealand Expo, Johannesburg, Hailed as a Great Success

The Opportunities New Zealand Expo, held in Johannesburg at the end of June this year, has been hailed as a huge success by its organisers, WorkingIn, and the companies who attended.  More than 6500 highly educated and skilled potential migrants attended the Expo in the hopes of securing jobs and advice on emigrating. 

Melissa Hamer, the events Human Resources adviser commented that “there were some very high-quality candidates who were very organised, well-researched and ready to come to New Zealand.”

South Africans are deemed perfect recruits to fill labour gaps in the New Zealand job market, with common language and cultural ideals.  New Zealand is seen as a land of opportunity by many South Africans looking to move away from political instability and rising crime rates.

Its a marriage made in heaven!  If you have dreamt of starting a new life in New Zealand, take a look at for jobs, relocation advice and visa information.

New Zealand Needs Elderly Care Workers

New Zealand is experiencing a shortage in many skilled labour areas but registered nurses to care for the elderly are in critically short supply.  Many companies are so desperate for staff that they are having to attract carers from overseas.

The southern hemispheres largest rest home provider, The Selwyn Foundation, has recently dispatched a team to South Africa to attend the Opportunities New Zealand Expo, held over the 19th and 20th July in Johannesburg, specifically to recruit potential migrants.  Human resource manager Lorraine Sobotka says “a worldwide shortage of registered nurses means it is harder than ever to find people who want to care for the elderly”.

6000 people are expected to attend the Expo this weekend and The Selwyn Foundation, combined with many other influential Kiwi companies, expects to be offering hundreds of jobs to skilled South Africans over the two days. 

If you are interested in attending the Expo, click here.  If you aren’t able to attend but are interested in migrating to New Zealand, visit