New National Government Plans Visa Changes

The newly elected National Party has announced planned changes to the New Zealand migration system. Following on from their election promises to encourage Kiwis working overseas to return home and foreign skilled migrants to move to NZ, Dr Lockwood-Smith, the party’s immigration spokesman, has announced three new visa categories.

The three new categories include a Silver Fern visa, which will be introduced to allow would-be migrants the opportunity to travel to NZ to find employment. They will be allowed to work in temporary jobs whilst they hunt for something permanent and once they have found long term work they will be able to transfer the visa into a two year working visa.

National is also proposing a new 6 month, temporary work visa for anyone who obtains seasonal work and a Retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest.

For information on how to obtain a visa to New Zealand and masses of ideas on where to live and how to make your emigration plans run smoothly, take a look at


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  2. Thanks for the Information. I am very much interested with this new development . Please let me know what are the changes so I could also apply. My family and I are interested to migrate to New Zealand. Thank, thanks.

  3. such new visa categories would be really mean great opportunities for those who aspire to move and work in new zealand… we do hope that will be among those beneficiaries…

  4. Hi .The Visa change is good news.I would like the opportunity to visit NZ for work purposes and then to decide if i would like to immigrate

  5. Hi,

    I hope this means that the 12.5% Tax in importing household items (container) will be waived, as previously you had to have a 2 year work visa for it to be waived!

    South Africa

  6. Hi,
    I still can not find any information on the new visa change. Does it mean it is just a proposal ?
    I wold be glad to have the information on the new visa as i am curious to migrate to NZ

  7. Hi,

    Thanks as usaul for the updates.
    You mentioned three new categories for visa, but you only elaborate on one (the Silver Fern).
    Can you say what are the other two.

    Continue the good work

  8. I lived in NZ as a child when my father was a an American consultant hired to build a mill in Kawerau. My brother was born there, and is an NZ citizen by birth. I am approaching retirement in a few years here in the U.S. and would like to learn more about the retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest. Where can I obtain the details?

  9. Hi there,I dont think that this policy has been launched yet.I have been in NZ now for 2 months and its really difficukt finding a job and the immigration agents dont seem to want to help u find a job either.Be very careful if u plan on comming this side coz its tough.I have a qualification and tons of work experience but unless u have a work permit no agency or company wants to see u.U cant get a job with out a work permit and u cant get a work permit without a job offer.Its crazy but true.I will call NZ immigration on Monday and find out if they know of this new policy and when it will be implemented.

  10. excellent news……..

  11. Hi,

    I would like to live and work in New Zealand. Can you tell me more about the new way to acquire visa for this.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I want to know about the this visa Silver Fern visa

  13. Hi

    When will this be available?

  14. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this posting. The new National Party government has not finalised anything yet regarding the proposed new visa categories. We will post new articles on as soon as anything is confirmed.

  15. Good day!

    Thanks for the detail on this new visa. I am also very interested in working in NZ & getting a Residency. Both my husband and I are Uni graduates, him a Mech Engineer & me a Food Tech. We are both currently working with an Australasian company here in our country, but are very much interested to move over to NZ for the benefit of our children, ‘a better life’. Please do keep s updated with this new visa ‘silver fern’.

    Much appreciated
    Papua New Guinea

  16. Hi

    How do we go about to apply for this Silver Fern visa. I am a qualified MAths teacher and my husband is a boilermaker. We are already in NZ.

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