The Top Six Globally Transferable Skills…

Investment site Shelter Offshore is running an article this week listing what it suggests are arguably the most globally transferable skills today.

Top of the list is construction, followed by financial services, IT, teaching, translation services and tourism.

If you have skills and have dreams of relocating to New Zealand, take a look at today to find out how emigrating could be easier than you imagine!  The site lists employer profiles, links to relocation, employment and immigration specialists, plus heaps of information on what life in New Zealand is really like.


Migration Marathon!

If you ever consider your migration dreams too much like hard work, you may want to take a little inspiration from a tiny 1.5kg bird, the bar-tailed godwit.

Scientists have recently tracked the determined little godwit as it set a world record for the longest flight ever recorded.  Its endurance will make your 24 hours on a long haul flight seem like a walk in a park!  7242 miles, over 8 days, with no break, no food, no hot towel and no in-flight entertainment.  8 days and half its body weight, all to fulfill its dream of migrating to New Zealand.

Inspired?  All you need to do is visit to find immigration and relocation experts who will handle all your queries.  Then get yourself on a plane and give a thought to a tiny bird with a big dream…

Maori Party Want Compulsory History Lessons for Migrants

In the run up to New Zealand’s general election this year, immigration policies are being aired by all the major parties.  The Maori Party has announced its wishes to create compulsory history classes for all migrants to New Zealand in order for them to fully grasp the country’s past before being granted citizenship.

The Greens have announced that they would adopt easier skilled migration policies in order to assist in creating a more sustainable global economy through open movement of people and workers. 

Meanwhile, Winston Peters of New Zealand First Party has suggested tightening control of New Zealand’s immigration numbers to protect native workers.  “When times are tough internationally immigrants are attracted to New Zealand like moths to a neon light,” he said.  “We must have a population policy – and one in which ordinary New Zealanders can have an input.  It must be linked explicitly to labour market needs. No job – no immigrant.”

As it stands, under the current Labour government, New Zealand is welcoming skilled migrants to help ease its labour shortage.  Perhaps you can help?  Do you have skills and experience in areas in demand?  Take a look at to find out!

Doors of Opportunity Fly Open at NZ Expos in UK

The Opportunities New Zealand Expos, which were held over the past two weekends in Leeds and London, are being declared a huge success by both the organisers, Working In, and the exhibitors who attended.  And, as the large number of hiring that went on at the events shows, a lot of would-be migrants got exactly what they had hoped for too.

“We’ve spoken to well over 100 people and collected in the region of 50 CVs,” said Janet Lane from MercyAscot, who attended the expos for the first time this year. “The HR department [is going to] contact six people with the intention to hire immediately and we have more to process. It’s a great opportunity to meet people.” 

Canterbury recruitment company, Canstaff,  who was attending the Expo for the fifth consecutive time, has now collated a database of 13,000 skilled British workers who are keen to emigrate and who the company can present to companies within NZ.

As Scott Mathieson, Working In’s CEO, explained, “New Zealand continues to be a destination of choice for British migrants. Even in the current economic climate, people are still looking overseas for the lifestyle opportunities that Britain doesn’t offer.”

Kicking yourself that you missed it?  Never mind.  There will be more next year!  And for now you can go to Working In’s website at to find masses of information about emigrating to NZ, including jobs and employer profiles.

Another New Report Rates NZ Top!

New Zealand appears to be faring well this year in regards to reports into quality of life.  A new report from off-shore bank Alliance and Leicester International has just put NZ at the top of its findings for cost of living and quality of life.

“New Zealand does on average appear to offer a high quality of life at a reasonable cost – attributes that many people value in their country of residence.  Its strong cultural links to the UK also make it highly attractive to many UK movers,” said Simon Ripton, the Alliance and Leicester International’s Acting Managing Director.

There is also the fact that NZ is experiencing a labour shortage and is continuously modifying its immigrations policies to ease the migration of skilled workers.  Maybe your skills are on the occupations in demand list?  Take a look at to find out!

Avoidable CV Blunders That Will Cost You The Job

A recent study by a UK recruitment firm has found that surprisingly minor CV bloopers can make the difference between winning that dream job, or going back to trawling the employment listings.

The research revealed that 73% of employers were more put off by poorly presented and badly written CVs than by an applicant arriving late, dressing inappropriately or even swearing during the interview.  And the most easily avoidable mistakes caused the most irritation among prospective employers.  Things like mis-spelling the company name in a CV and basic grammatical errors were the most likely things to cause a recruiter to lose interest in an applicant.

If you are interested in migrating to the New Zealand and you have skills, make sure you sell yourself properly!  Get your CV up to date.  Make sure you have your facts and your spelling correct.  Triple check that you are addressing it correctly to the right person, spelling their name right.  Keep it relevant, don’t pad out your information.  Use an appropriate email address, is not going to endear yourself to your future employer.  And finally, get someone you trust to read through what you are submitting – fresh eyes are more likely to spot mistakes.

For advice on writing CVs, applying for jobs and navigating through the whole immigration process, visit

Top Spot for Aussie Migrants is New Zealand!

At last the tide is beginning to turn. 

In the past, migration patterns have shown that Aussies prefer the UK and the States to New Zealand but new figures, released by the Australian Department of Immigration have shown that the top spot for Australian emigres is now The Land of the Long White Cloud!  6.7% more than last year!  18.4% of permanent departures from Oz!

And why wouldn’t they?  Why wouldn’t you?  New Zealand rocks!  Check it out at