NZ Schools Recruiting Overseas

Such is the shortage of teachers in New Zealand – particularly in science and technology – that schools are personally recruiting overseas. 

Rangitoto College head, David Hodge, recently told the Herald newspaper in NZ that he had just completed a whistle stop tour of Britain, interviewing 26 potential candidates.  The school had repeatedly advertised for local staff but on more than one occasion had no responses at all.

This is a situation echoed by the 2008 New Zealand Teachers Association, who reported that three quarters of advertised teaching jobs get only one application.

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Opportunities NZ Expo Coming Up In UK!

If you are in the UK, looking for a way to find out about life in New Zealand and to investigate available work opportunities there without the inconvenience of travelling to the other end of the planet, fear not!  The Opportunities NZ Expo is bringing it all to you!

In Leeds over the 11th and 12th of October and in London over the 18th and 19th of October, the Opportunities NZ Expo brings together many of premier employers and recruitment consultants.   These companies will be offering jobs to suitable skilled people right there at the expo!

The event will also be attended by relocation companies, banks and real estate companies.  Every base covered for you to fully explore the possibilities of your emigration to New Zealand.  There will even be representatives of the New Zealand government present to answer all you immigration questions.

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Small Expo Highlights National Hunt for Social Workers

To celebrate NZ’s National Social Workers Day yesterday, a group of Southland social workers promoted their industry with a small expo at the Invercargill Library, but the event signals a much larger National issue.

Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers Southland president Rose Henderson, who was attending the expo, suggested that New Zealand would be have around 1000 unfilled social work vacancies by 2011 if there was no significant change. 

“It is apparent that we are facing a workforce crisis that requires careful management,” she said.

New Zealand, along with many developed nations, is suffering a labour shortfall in many industries, particularly the health sector.  If you have ever had dreams of emigrating to fresh, uncrowded New Zealand and you have skills in an occupation deemed to be in demand, why don’t you check out!

‘Demographic Faultline’ Means Global Changes, Report Says

A report conducted by KPMG concludes with an international warning to businesses and governments regarding preparation for what it describes as a ‘global skills convergence’.

The report describes a contraction of labour pools as a result of retiring Baby Boomers and a shortage of Generation Y-ers to replace them.  As Bernard Salt, one of the key authors explained, “Our study argues that the labour shortage will result in what we call a ‘global skills convergence’– a net flow of skilled and unskilled workers migrating between the developed and developing worlds as barriers to entry continue to diminish. Companies should be ready to manage their workforces in this new reality.”

Great news for skilled migrants!  As Mr Salt went on to explain, “The face of the international workforce is changing.  Labour and talent will flow between countries. Generation Y already has a global perspective thanks to the Internet and the relative affordability of international travel. They are taking this mindset into the workplace and are looking for global opportunities for migration and career advancement.”

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Business Groups Flag Skills Shortage in Post Election Wish-list

Business New Zealand and the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have highlighted the country’s skills shortageon their wish-list of things needing attention when the new government takes power after the November elections.

The Otago Daily Times today reported that 41% of South Island respondents to a Business NZ survey had flagged skills shortages as their primary concern. 

Otago-Southland Employers Association chief executive Duncan Simpson told the paper that “the main priorities for the region are clearly getting hold of the right people and building organisational effectiveness within the constraints of current employment law.”

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Expo Highlights Support Networks for Migrants

An expo designed specifically for new arrivals into New Zealand is currently taking place around the country to showcase the various migrant support services available through agencies and community groups.

The Who’s Here to Help You Expo has been organised by the police and the Ministry of Social Development and has been designed to create awareness amongst new migrants of the services available to them to ease the transition into their new communities.

At the Marlborough expo Andreja Phillips,  coordinator of the Marlborough Migrant Centre, told the local paper that the expos were a “great opportunity for people to find out what agencies and organisations are here to help them.”

Moving to New Zealand has never been easier, with immigration consultants, specialist financial advisors and settlement programmes much of the stress of migrating has been eased.  Take a look at for links and information and start making your dream a reality!

Wellington’s Intriguing Block of Cheese

An extra-ordinary white/grey lump, which is the size of a 44 gallon drum and closely resembles a large block of brie, has been found on a south Wellington beach at Breaker Bay. 

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean estimates that the strange lump weighs in the region of 500kgs and as yet the council are unclear about what it actually is.  However, in an article in the Dominion Post today, it has been suggested that the bizarre sight may in fact be ‘ambergris’, otherwise known as whale vomit.

Whales produce ambergris as a reaction to irratations from squid and it is traditionally used in the manufacture of perfume, but is highly sought after and extremely expensive due to its rarity.  Some members of the public, who have been calling into the council, have estimated that if it were ambergris it could be worth up to $500,000.

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