Property Prices Stabilize

There was no change in the average New Zealand house price from June to July this year, stabilizing at $340,000.  The number of house sales however was the lowest for 10 years, a massive 40% lower than the same period last year.

REINZ President Mr Murray Cleland clarified, saying, “There is an unmistakable degree of recovery in July, which is surprising given that it is generally regarded as the worst winter month, with good improvement in median prices around the country despite continued low sales volumes.

“However, Auckland was the notable exception, with a further fall in the median price from $435,000 in June to $421,000 on dismal sales of 1,411 properties.”

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Immigration Department Forced to Correct Paper

The New Zealand Immigration Department today put out a press release to correct the New Zealand Herald after it mis-reported an amnesty on illegal overstayers in the country.

In the release the government said “The immigration information clinics reported in the New Zealand Herald today were a small pilot to encourage people in New Zealand unlawfully to come forward to discuss their options in a non-threatening environment.

“The pilot involved Immigration New Zealand officials working with recognised contacts in the community to give free and frank information about the status of, and options available to, people unlawfully in New Zealand.

“The pilot has been completed and is currently being evaluated with a view to looking at options for extending it through the wider community.”

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More Migrants Choosing to Use Immigration Consultants

Latest research from ‘Destination New Zealand’ shows that more and more prospective migrants to New Zealand are opting to have their applications lodged through migration specialists.  The survey showed that 47.1 per cent of migrants used a consultant to help their application process in the past year.

The two most common complaints of the immigration process by potential migrants are the amount of time it takes for applications to be processed and the plethora of paperwork and bureaucracy involved.  Immigration consultants are the perfect solution to both issues, taking stress and time out of the equation and maximising the chances of a successful application, with as little fuss as possible.

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Net Migration Into NZ on the Up

According to recent figures released by Statistics New Zealand net migration into the country is gaining ground.  SNZ data published today showed a permanent or long-term (PLT) migration gain of 700 people last month, up from 200 in July, with PLT arrivals up by more than 800 which was partly offset by almost 400 more PLT departures.

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Latest Lonely Planet Edition Has Fun in NZ

The latest edition of Lonely Planet’s Guide to New Zealand has taken another good look at the country’s quirkier and quaint highlights – poking fun at some of the nation’s iconic features and acknowledging its larger centres as cultural hubs.

The guide, which sells 6,000,000 copies of its 500 titles annually is a staple for many new arrivals to New Zealand, some dubbing it the ‘bible’.

In this latest edition, travellers are encouraged to “rock into Wellington” to experience its “red-hot arts scene” and Dunedin‘s live music, cafe and restaurant scenes is given a significant plug.  Visitors to Auckland are advised, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and Christchurch‘s conservative image is said to be gaining a “cosmopolitan tinge”. 

The contributors were less kind about Cromwell’s ‘big fruit’, affectionately observing that there is a “spectacularly ugly giant fruit salad” at the entrance to the town.

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NZ Houses Becoming More Affordable

Its looking good for Kiwi home buyers at last.  According to mortgage broker John Grant, director of New Zealand business at Wizard Home Loans, housing affordability in NZ is better than it has been for the past 18 months.

Mr Grant explained, saying ‘Home buyers are in a much stronger position than they have been for a long time. It is a buyer’s market and falling interest rates, rising wages and lower tax rates are all working in favour of home buyers as we head back into summer’.

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The World According to Murphy

A garden gnome from Gloucestershire in the UK has been returned to its rightful place after being missing for 7 months, complete with a photo album and official entry stamps to countries all over the world.  Murhpy the Gnome had travelled to places as far flung as Swaziland, Cambodia and China. 

Murphy was also accompanied by a letter which explained to his owner that itchy feet were the cause of his travels and that New Zealand was his favourite destination.  That’s right!  You have it from the Gnome’s mouth – New Zealand is the place to be!

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