Opportunities New Zealand Expo, Johannesburg, Hailed as a Great Success

The Opportunities New Zealand Expo, held in Johannesburg at the end of June this year, has been hailed as a huge success by its organisers, WorkingIn, and the companies who attended.  More than 6500 highly educated and skilled potential migrants attended the Expo in the hopes of securing jobs and advice on emigrating. 

Melissa Hamer, the events Human Resources adviser commented that “there were some very high-quality candidates who were very organised, well-researched and ready to come to New Zealand.”

South Africans are deemed perfect recruits to fill labour gaps in the New Zealand job market, with common language and cultural ideals.  New Zealand is seen as a land of opportunity by many South Africans looking to move away from political instability and rising crime rates.

Its a marriage made in heaven!  If you have dreamt of starting a new life in New Zealand, take a look at www.workingin-newzealand.com for jobs, relocation advice and visa information.


From Pies to Design – NZ Does It All!

Today, in the New Zealand Herald, two separate articles clearly show just how good life is in NZ.  The first was a piece announcing the winner of the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards which has gone to a Hawkes Bay baker, Neville Jackson, for the second year in succession.  His chicken and vegetable pie stole the show, winning the Supreme Award and an accolade for Mr Jackson as “an outstanding baker”, after 30 judges had waded their way through 3000 pies!

The second story hails the work of three New Zealand architectural firms: Patterson Associates, Fearon Hay Architects and Archimedia, whose designs have been shortlisted in the internationally renowned World Architecture Festival awards, held in Barcelona.

Glorious provincial pie heaven and world class creativity – New Zealand really does have the best of everything! 

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NZ Immigration – Moving With the Times

The New Zealand immigration department has announced a state of the art renovation of its data base which will bring it up to scratch with its OECD counterparts and make redundant its current bank of disjointed databases, of which there are 54.  Among other radical changes will be the storage of biometric data, enabling departments to identify individuals by face and iris recognition. 

The department explained its decision saying that “Over recent years, New Zealand has fallen behind its neighbours and partners, most of whom have deployed enhanced security systems such as biometrics and new services such as automated border crossing.”

It seems that New Zealand’s borders are about to become more efficient as the immigration department steps into the light of the 21st century.  If you have ever considered emigrating to New Zealand, bureaucratically things have never looked better.  Check out www.workingin-newzealand.com to find out more.

Speedy Visa for Scottish Restorer

An article in Christchurch’s The Press has featured a Scottish restorer, Michael Brown, whose visa was issued in just ten days, under the long term business visa progamme!!  Mr Brown was told to expect a wait of up to 4 months for visas for his family and himself to work their way through the system. 

A restorer of old buildings and fittings, Mr Brown is an expert in his field and possibly the only person in New Zealand with the level of specialist experience that he has.

Perhaps you have specialist, transferrable skills?  New Zealand is actively encouraging skilled migrants into the country to help fill labour shortages and as Mr Brown’s story shows, it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out exercise.   Take a look at www.workingin-newzealand.com for information on how to get going.

NZ Reforms Work Policy for Temporary Workers

New Zealand’s Immigration department (INZ) has replaced its General work policy with a new scheme, the Essential Skills policy, which is due to take effect on July 28th this year.  The new policy has been designed to attract more highly skilled migrants to the country, whilst at the same time protecting NZ’s lower paid workers from losing their jobs to overseas workers.  Applicants for working permits will be separated into tiers of skill level and will be processed in collaboration with the Department of Work and Income, to prevent lower skilled migrants taking NZ residents jobs.

One of the most significant changes to policy is that overseas migrants applying for jobs with salaries of over NZ$55,000 will no longer have to apply for Residency but instead will be issued with a 5 year working permit, with an option to add three year extensions on completion.

New Zealand needs skilled workers to take up postions in all sorts of industries.  If you have skills and experience and are considering migrating to New Zealand, take a look at www.workingin-newzealand.com for opportunities.

Immigrant Doctor Uses Music to Help Other Migrants Settle

An immigrant doctor, Ronald Ma, has been commended by his local council for using his band, Smooth Stream, to help “migrants and refugees to smoothly stream into New Zealand mainstream society through music”.  Dr Ma recognises the common language of music and the sharing of information and contacts that goes on when people come together for a common cause.

New Zealand has many services available to new migrants to the country, to help them settle in.  Visiting the government immigration website will show you what is available in your local community.

You could migrate to New Zealand.  The country needs skilled migrants to fill labour shortages in all sorts of areas, check out www.workingin-newzealand for details.

New Zealand Needs Elderly Care Workers

New Zealand is experiencing a shortage in many skilled labour areas but registered nurses to care for the elderly are in critically short supply.  Many companies are so desperate for staff that they are having to attract carers from overseas.

The southern hemispheres largest rest home provider, The Selwyn Foundation, has recently dispatched a team to South Africa to attend the Opportunities New Zealand Expo, held over the 19th and 20th July in Johannesburg, specifically to recruit potential migrants.  Human resource manager Lorraine Sobotka says “a worldwide shortage of registered nurses means it is harder than ever to find people who want to care for the elderly”.

6000 people are expected to attend the Expo this weekend and The Selwyn Foundation, combined with many other influential Kiwi companies, expects to be offering hundreds of jobs to skilled South Africans over the two days. 

If you are interested in attending the Expo, click here.  If you aren’t able to attend but are interested in migrating to New Zealand, visit www.workingin-newzealand.com.