NZ – A Safe Haven for South Africans

In an article in Christchurch paper’s, The Press, the chairwoman of the South Island New Zealand Association of Southern Africans (Sinzasa), Roseanne Harwarden, has noted an increase in South Africans coming to New Zealand and predicts that there will be a bigger surge if Jacob Zuma were to be elected in South Africa. 

“If Zuma is elected president, I think a lot of people are concerned about a form of civil war in South Africa, which will precipitate a lot of people wanting to go,” she said.

The number of New Zealand work permits issued to South Africans has leapt from 1758 in 1999/2000 to 6547 in 2007/08.  New Zealand is experiencing a skills shortage and is actively encouraging skilled migrants to come and live here.  Perhaps you have skills that New Zealand needs?  If you are dreaming of a safer life, check out what New Zealand has to offer you…


Aucklanders Moving South

Statistics New Zealand’s internal migration report has shown that between 2001 and 2006 there was a net loss of population in Auckland, with 15,000 more people migrating out of the city than into it.  Many of those leaving are heading to Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and the South Island, the report says.  This is a reversal of the previous trend of northward migration into Auckland from the South Island and other parts of the North Island.

People surveyed disclosed that the main reasons for relocating were to be with family, making a new life after a relationship breakdown and for new jobs.

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New Zealand’s Business Leader Crisis

Management consultancy firm, the Swann Group, who recently undertook a report entitled “The future, our leaders: An emerging chasm in the New Zealander leadership market”, has revealed that the country is facing a demographic hole in its numbers of business leaders aged between 35 and 50.  They estimate that New Zealand will need around 40,000 people with strong leadership qualities to take over the most important business roles and that recruitment from overseas is going to become increasingly important.  However they warn that migrant recruitment may not be enough to solve the problem.

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Air New Zealand Expanding Flights Through Beijing for Brits

Air New Zealand has revealed that it is going to expand its routes through Beijing to connect New Zealand and Europe.  Maximising on the rise in China’s profile as a tourist destination and its upcoming Olympics, Air New Zealand is hoping to secure a large portion of the passenger flow through China combined with holding on to to its share of British tourists and migrants to New Zealand.

It is estimated that in the region of 300,000 Brits fly to and from New Zealand every year, as either short term tourists or long term migrants.  If you have ever considered visiting New Zealand, why not look into it today at

Net Migration Up For NZ

Permanent and long term migration numbers into New Zealand have increased, according to Statistics New Zealand, from 4,600 to the year ending February 2008 up to 4,900 to the year ending May 2008.  PLT arrival figures exceeded those of departures by 1000 for the month of May, the highest since December 2006.

‘Net migration inflows were recorded from the United Kingdom (7,300), India (4,300), the Philippines (3,400), Fiji (2,600), South Africa (2,300) and China (2,100) in the year ended May 2008. However, there was a net outflow of 31,200 to Australia, the highest since the net outflow of 31,800 in the year ended May 2001’, the report said.

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Skilled Workers Pay Packets On the Rise

New Zealand’s National Wage and Salary survey has revealed that pay rates for skilled workers is rising over twice as fast as for the semi-skilled or unskilled. The average wage increased by 4.5% in the year to August 2007.  However, the increase for unskilled workers was only 2.4%, whereas administrators and management pay packets increased by a massive 6.6%.

The survey reported that the biggest winners in the pay stakes this year were: skilled shop salespeople (up an average 9.9 per cent; managing directors with 50 to 199 staff (up 9.5 per cent); registered electricians (up 9.2 per cent); registered nurses (up 9.1 per cent); and diesel motor mechanics (up 8.4 per cent).

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New Zealand’s Man Drought

It is estimated that there are approximately 10% less men than women at age 35 in New Zealand.  This is mainly due to the fact that men stay overseas longer than women before returning to settle in ‘Gods Own’.  This man drought is contributing to skills shortages that are pushing the New Zealand government, as well as businesses, to look overseas for recruitment, particularly as this 35+ age group are coming into the peak earning and tax-paying period of their lives. 

It also means that there are more women than men looking for life partners!  Which in turn means that if you are male, single, aged around 35, highly skilled and looking to migrate, New Zealand and her women will be VERY happy to see you!  Come on boys!! New life, new woman, new job, what more do you want?