New Minimum Salary for Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy Applicants

This month has seen an amendment to the legal minimum salary for migrants entering New Zealand under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy.  Since July 2007 applicants were entitled to the minimum salary package of $50,000 per annum but as from 28th July 2008 that amount will be raised to $55,000 per annum.

New Zealand presently has large gaps in it’s skilled labour force.  To see whether your skills are in demand in New Zealand and to get an idea of what is like to migrate here, check out


NZ Government Launches New Settlement Strategy

The New Zealand Government has launched a new Settlement Strategy aimed at giving migrants the best possible support on their arrival in the country.  Speaking at the launch, the former Immigration Minister, Hon David Cunliffe, reiterated the views of the Government saying “immigration is vital to our goal of transforming the economy and is key to New Zealand’s future.”

The New Zealand Government has deveoloped what it calls its Immigration Change Programme in order to promote New Zealand and encourage skilled workers to migrate there.  “We are committed to attracting and retaining skilled migrants who can make a valuable and positive contribution to New Zealand’s society, culture, and economy.”

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities New Zealand may hold for you, visit for masses of information on jobs, visas and lifestyle.

NZ schools hoping to fill teacher shortage from overseas

The biggest shortage of teachers that New Zealand has experienced in 15 years is causing some schools to look overseas to find staff.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to fill vacancies with home-grown teachers and schools are beginning to respond by headhunting overseas. 

The New Zealand Opportunities Expo held in Johannesburg , London and Leeds brings together employers and recruitment consultants from over 100 NZ businesses with potential skilled employees exploring their interest in migrating.  Organised by Working In, the Expo aims to open employment possibilities for skilled migrants without them having travel to NZ to do it.  The organisers are expecting up to 10,000 visitors a day at the events.

Recruitment staff will be representing many business areas that are experiencing skill shortages including engineering, mining, energy and local government organisations.  To see whether your skills are in demand in New Zealand visit


Relaxed lifestyle draws migrants to New Zealand

A longitudinal study released by Statistics New Zealandhas found that New Zealand’s relaxed life style is the chief reason why migrants choose New Zealand as their new home.

People also cite the climate or clean green benefits, and the potential to provide their children with a better future as common reasons for selecting New Zealand.

Over ninety percent of migrants are happy with the move after gaining permanent residence.

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Migrants share their views on living in New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald has opened up a forum for expats and migrants to share their stories on living in New Zealand.

Read what people have to say on living and working in New Zealand on this blog about migrants in New Zealand

If you want to make living in New Zealand a reality and need a job in New Zealand to get there, Working In can help.


Manawatu Region finds future New Zealanders at expos.

“Vision Manawatu hosted stands at  stands at the “Opportunities New Zealand” expos in London and Leeds in April 2008 to represent the Manawatu region and to promote the features and benefits of the Manawatu as a destination to proactive skilled UK migrants and their families.

A major reason for these people planning to immigrate to NZ is family, lifestyle and education and the Manawatu region offers one of the best family, lifestyle and education locations in NZ. Vision Manawatu’s Expos presence was driven by two inter-linked objectives. On the one hand it was recruitment exercise for local businesses that had positions that need to be filled. On the other hand it was a key regional marketing and destination profiling exercise which was vital as pro-active migrants are often more concerned about the “bigger picture” in terms of what the location offers from a quality of life perspective. In terms of profiling the Manawatu region to potential candidates the Expos were seen as a great success. Over 500 candidates and families were engaged with and for the majority it was their first knowledge of the “Manawatu” existing! The Expos were well run by the staff on the ground and we are committed to attending the April Expos year-in year-out.”

CEO Vision Manawatu Andrew Porrie

Use the opportunity to meet an employer and discover where you should settle in New Zealand at an Opportunites New Zealand Expo.

Know what you can offer New Zealand employers

If you know your worth, and how you can add value to a New Zealand company you are well on the way to landing a job that matches your skills and experience.

Possibly one of the biggest issues when applying for a position in a New Zealand company is understanding how your current position compares in scale and required experience. You may be chosen over a New Zealander going for the same job, when they realise you have skills and experience you could only have received by working in a far larger company in the United Kingdom or South Africa, for example.

Some recruitment specialists suggest those with senior management positions may benefit from seeking out a senior leasing agreement rather than a permanent position. This also helps the new migrant discover of the role is suitable to their skills and experience. These fixed term contracts can often turn into a permanent contract if desired.

If you are looking for a senior management role in New Zealand, or further skilled migrant positions such as nursing jobs, teaching positions and roles that meet New Zealand’s current skilled migrant crisis, you can use your C.V to apply online, or meet employers directly at one of Working In New Zealand’s Opportunites New Zealand expos.