Get a job before you get to New Zealand

While there are always stories of people arriving in New Zealand, getting off a plane, dropping off a few CV’s and finding a job almost over night, for the vast majority of migrants choosing this method, the time between arrival in New Zealand and finding a job can be longer than expected.

Working In advocates utilising our Expos, (We have expos coming up in South Africa and the UK) and our jobs section in our website as much as you can to secure a position before you arrive in your New Zealand. At the very least, we help you identifiy the companies that recognise the value of your skills and experience.

The article below, written by business journalist Steve Hart mentions the difficulties some migrants from South Africa face if they wait until they get to New Zealand to find a job.

If you have a family or dependants, sourcing a job prior to shifting them all over can save alot of money, time and stress.

One of the points raised in this article was the need for migrants to understand the differences of New Zealand culture to theirs. We have a new section on our website that has articles explaining some of the cultural differences. New articles will be added on an ongoing basis.

You can also check out our forum with plenty of ideas and information about new life in New Zealand. Our forum moderator is happy to help you with any queries.



New Zealand’s Internet Needs Skilled Workers

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Unions have reported that New Zealand needs to recruit skilled workers from overseas to help NZ become a high speed Internet access country. We simply do not have the numbers of skilled workers necessary to support the implementation  of this technology otherwise.

If you are a skilled worker in these industries, we have employers waiting for your Curriculum Vitae. You can search for a positionat

If you need skilled workers, talk to us about how we can help you source skilled migrants to meet your needs.

We’ll walk with you all the way

Working In will help you find a new job in New Zealand.

If you are a skilled migrant from the UK or South Africa, we can place you face to face at one of our bustling expos with employers who need your skills.

Use our website to locate employers, or find out more information about settling in to your new country.

We’re here to help you make the process as simple as possible.